Graduate Awards & Recognition

Graduate Recognition Slides

We've created individual recognition slides for our 2021 graduates. Use the filters below to find your name. Once you locate your slide, you can click on it to hear your name read aloud, download the file, or view options for sharing your slide on social media!






Awards & Accolades

The graduation celebration recognizes the achievement and hard work of every student at the Elliott School. Each year, the school presents awards for outstanding scholars and leaders. Congratulations to these exceptional Elliott School graduates of the class of 2021. Raise High!






The Wilbur J. Carr Memorial Award

The Wilbur J. Carr Memorial Award is awarded to one undergraduate and one graduate student who demonstrates outstanding ability in the study of international affairs while displaying the qualities necessary to be a good citizen and dedicated public servant.

Henri-Nicolas Grossman is completing his Master of Arts degree in Security Policy Studies (SPS) with a concentration in U.S. national security, having received his B.A. in War Studies and History from King’s College London. A native English and French speaker, Henri-Nicolas has researched and written on issues including Russian disinformation, insurgencies and substate threats in Africa, and great power competition in the Arctic. As a board member of the SPS Speaker Series, he hosted distinguished speakers to discuss current affairs. He interned at the Brookings Institution and on Capitol Hill and plans on serving as a security analyst in government.






The Walter Roberts Public Diplomacy Studies Award

The Walter Roberts Public Diplomacy Studies Award is awarded to a graduate student at the Elliott School of International Affairs for academic excellence and professional aspirations in public diplomacy. This year it is being awarded to two graduates: Saiansha Panangipalli and Halea Kerr-Layton.

Saiansha Panangipalli’s passion for public diplomacy is evident in her internships at the Embassy of India in Washington DC, the Moroccan Embassy in New Delhi, and at PAHO. Saiansha’s brilliant writing and strategic planning skills, and her goal of working in public diplomacy after graduation exemplify the spirit and intention of the Walter Roberts Award.

Halea Kerr-Layton has likewise demonstrated outstanding leadership in roles ranging from Presidential Fellow to Strategic Outreach and Engagement Coordinator at GW. She demonstrated a mastery of public diplomacy skills as an intern last summer working with Global Ties, developing and employing analytics in addition to program development and implementation on a real and virtual level. With unmatched interpersonal and analytical skills, Halea will significantly impact the field of public diplomacy as she pursues her career goals.






The Elliott School Graduate Student Prize

The Elliott School Graduate Student Prize is awarded annually to an Elliott School graduate student who, in the opinion of the dean and the faculty, deserves recognition for academic achievements and contributions to the life of The George Washington University.

Anna Rose Agnes is a candidate for a Master of Arts degree in Security Policy Studies with a concentration in Cyber and Technology. She is a recipient of the Department of Defense Cybersecurity Scholarship (CySP). Anna is very proud of her tenure as the Chair (and Co-Chair) of the Security Policy Studies Student Board, helping it to grow into the wonderful organization it is today. During her time on the Board, she has enjoyed countless opportunities to work with amazing students, faculty, and staff to put together exciting speaker series events and other programming for her fellow students. Upon graduation, Anna is looking forward to working for the U.S. federal government.